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BABOR Expert Method explained


THE EXPERT METHOD blends scientific research and well-being to deliver maximum impact facial treatments that target each individuals specific skin concerns. This technique is comprised of five distinctive treatment elements that leaves skin firmer, more radiant, with a smoother appearance.

By combining BABOR’s precision-based, highly effective product lines with a state-of-the-art application process, The BABOR Expert Method delivers personalized, instant results. For more radiance and self-confidence. 


With the BABOR Expert Method get beautiful skin in just 60 minutes.  

Experience Flawless Skin in Five Steps

  • STEP 1: The Bi-Phase Cleansing System uses a unique blend of oil and water that deeply cleanses the skin and dissolves all skin impurities.
  • STEP 2: The Compress Technique uses different water temperatures and pressure points to ensure the best oxygenation and detoxification of the skin.
  • STEP 3: The Circulation Mask is skin cardio that activates the skin by stimulating microcirculation with a warming effect, allowing the skin to absorb active ingredients.
  • STEP 4: The Ampoule Concentrates Massage stimulates the skin and offers a skin detox-like effect to enhance products and skin-metabolism performance. 
  • STEP 5: The Lifting Touch Massage stimulates the circulation of the skin, metabolism, connective tissue, and facial muscles for deep relaxation.


Why you will love it ...

  • Professional advice and applications from expert Estheticians

  • Individual treatment methods that are adapted to your skin type 

  • Product Recommendations by the Estheticians

  • Applications of professional techniques exclusive to BABOR 

  • Look forward to visible results and recharge your self-confidence 



BABOR Expert Method at MEROSKIN



Is there BABOR in Singapore?

Is There BABOR In Singapore?