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What is IPL Hair Removal

Laser and IPL systems have been around for years now and have seen consistent demand amongst women mostly, with men catching up in recent years. The benefits of these two systems - mainly effectiveness and convenience have been the main factors for its high demand globally.

These systems use light energy to cause the restriction of the blood supply to the hair follicle. The energy from the light source is absorbed by the pigment and the hair quickly absorbs this filtered light and transfers it to the surrounding cells. This generated heat changes the function of the cells, rendering them incapable of producing further hair growth. After treatment, the treated hair will fall out after two weeks as the epidermis renews itself.

Every person has a different hair growth cycle and the time of the growth cycles can vary from 4 to 12 weeks depending on the body area. After a few treatments, clients usually experience a significant reduction in hair and also a slower growth pattern. One can expect to see an average of 15 to 20 percent hair reduction after each session and an average of 6 sessions are required for maximum hair reduction. It is important to know that the number of sessions you will need depends on many factors, including skin colour, part of the body being treated, thickness of hair, gender and hormonal condition.

Traditional hair removal is a time consuming activity for many people. While older methods such as waxing, tweezing and shaving are effective for removing the hair, they do not provide long-term solutions for hair removal. With technological advancements, a hair removal system such as IPL hair removal not only eliminates the problems of bumps and ingrown hairs, but also provided a long-term hair reduction solution.

IPL hair removal is the fastest and most effective method of getting rid of unwanted hair on the body. The appeal of laser hair removal comes from its effectiveness, efficiency and convenience. It can be performed almost anywhere on the body where you experience unwanted hair growth. A good reason for its popularity is that IPL hair removal can result in permanent reduction of the hair.

It is important for consumers to understand exactly what permanent hair reduction means in the beauty industry. Permanent hair reduction probably means up to 95 percent reduction. New fine hair may appear again and will be  easier to manage. Again, area targeted treatments can always be performed to remove these finer hairs. When searching for a clinic, there is no need to pay the highest price. It is more important to find a clinic that has high quality equipment and experienced laser technicians.

    Where To From Here

    A good IPL hair removal clinic gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you have and allows your laser technician to educate you on the treatment and the process. Be sure to look for the best IPL hair removal clinic in Singapore with many satisfied clients.