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Taking you through my skincare routine

Have you always wondered how you can build your own skincare routine that is catered specifically to your needs? As a founder of a beauty and wellness company, it took me years to crack this rather complicated (or so I thought) skincare regime. If you think there’s a secret formula, to be quite honest, there isn’t. 


My biggest takeaway is: Don’t stray too far away from what you know works. 

More recently, I’ve been favouring a more laid-back approach to my routine, missing out a few steps that aren’t always necessary and using just a handful of products that I know work for me. 

As the weather gets more humid and we’re all staying indoors, I’m having to deal with a complete lack of hydration on my skin. Anyone else feel the same way? ’ve managed the impossible of skimming my routine down to just five essential products that I use daily: 

1. Cleanse, cleanse and double cleanse! 

Removing just makeup is not enough for me. I always have to double cleanse to ensure that I can get rid of as much dirt as possible.

My current go-to cleansing product would have to be the BABOR Cleansing Foam. It is such a refreshing cleansing foam that it always leaves my skin looking fresh and rosy. 

2. Don’t skip the toner! 

After cleansing, I’ll go straight in with a toner, which is a product I feel that is always forgotten. Truth be told, I was one of those people who skipped toner and went straight to moisturiser. 

However, after trying out Babor’s Rose Toning Essence, it has become a staple in my skincare routine. I could see a difference the next morning, where my skin would feel super refreshed and glowing! This stuff is magic I tell you. 

3. Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise! 

When my skin is looking a bit dull which is happening more often after being cooped up at home, moisturising, paired with toning, is the overnight treatment I reach for. 

I’m also a lover of using a product line which is why you’ll see that my current moisturiser is also from Babor. The BABOR Hyaluron Cream leaves my skin feeling super hydrated that I can’t recommend enough. It’s really gentle and if you have a dry or combination skin like mine, it works perfectly. AND, this moisturiser locks in your skin’s hydration for 24 hours. Yes please!


4. Don’t forget to protect your skin!

A common misconception is that there’s no need for sunblock when you’re staying indoors all day. Well, I’m here to tell you, that’s not true! Even as you stay indoors, your skin is exposed to UV rays not only through sunlight streaming through your window but even from the blue light from your electronic devices! 

I’ve been loving the Dermapeutics Non-Tinted Sunblock because it’s fuss-free and leaves the skin feeling smooth. Unlike many sunblocks, there isn’t a sticky residue that lingers on my face.

5. Slather on some lip balm! 

This. I can’t even begin to describe how dry and chappy my lips have become after being cooped up at home because you don’t really put on any lip product when you’re at home. 

Which is why I have made it a point to include this step in my routine and wow, did I feel the difference! 

After trying out Babor’s Lip Repair Balm, my lips have never been more supple and soft. 

Dry lips no more! 

And that concludes my simple yet effective skincare routine! There are a few extras that I like to throw in every so often when I feel like my skin needs it – something for extra dry days, something for unclogging of pores and something exfoliating. 

I’ve been enjoying this prescriptive approach to my routine and hope that there’s something to be taken from it for anyone looking to get into skincare without having to accumulate a mountain of products!