pure energizing skin water

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BABOR baborganic pure energizing skin water

Facial tonic without alcohol: refreshes, tones and vitalizes

Contents: 200 ml Item number: 408030

  • Pure glacier water delivers intense hydration
  • Edelweiss extracts protect against harmful environmental influences
  • Oxygen Energy promotes oxygen uptake into the cells

An alcohol-free tonic which works to refresh, tone and invigorate. Result: Skin is calmed and gently conditioned.

Apply daily to the eye area, after cleansing.

Active Ingredients

  • Glacier water: Fossil water from Mont Cervin, Switzerland. Obtained from natural melt water without eroding the glacier. It is intensively moisturizing and revitalizing and rich in minerals and trace elements. Result: sheer vitality
  • Edelweiss: Cultivated in Valais/Switzerland in compliance with strict organic standards (Bio Suisse Bud label). It inhibits the degradation of elastic fibers and calms the skin. It also offers effective protection against free radicals. Result: lasting protection
  • Meadowfoam extract: Cultivated in Switzerland, in compliance with strict organic standards. It improves the density of the skin and the skin’s  surface structure.  It repairs the lipid film and is intensively moisturizing. Result: long-lasting moisture
  • Oxygen energy: Accelerates cell regeneration and renewal and slows down skin aging. Leaves complexion looking rosier and fresher. Result: cell renewal is invigorated