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Perfect Glow Ampoule Sheet Mask at MEROSKIN
Perfect Glow Ampoule Sheet Mask at MEROSKIN

Perfect Glow Ampoule Sheet Mask

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SHEET MASK   |  Radiance + Moisture   |   All Skin Type   |   1 piece mask


BABOR Perfect Glow Ampoule Sheet Mask paired with a Perfect Glow ampoule treatment for particularly demanding skin. A highly effective combination of BABOR Ampoule Concentrates and exclusive sheet masks for maximum results.


When the freshness capsule is activated, the powerful active ingredients of the ampoule and sheet mask are combined. The Perfect Glow Mask thoroughly moisturizes and helps to even out irregularities in the complexion. If used regularly, PerfectionPeptide P3 supports natural skin rejuvenation. The complexion appears more even and glows with natural radiance. 


Perfection Peptides P3: Promotes the skin's natural ability to shed epithelial cellsCocoa Peptides: Trap free radicals (also in blue lights) to protect the skin against premature aging.



One-time application
1. Cleanse your face with your BABOR Cleansing products.
2. Fold the mask sachet at the designated point on the front by 180° to open the ampoule freshness capsule.
3. Turn the sachet upside down and press firmly with both thumbs on the lower part of the ampoule freshness capsule until the concentrate seeps into the sachet while making a hissing sound.
4. Keep the sachet upside down and press the contents of the ampoules freshness capsule into the sachet. Then mix the concentrate with the mask by gentle kneading.
5. Remove mask from sachet, unfold and place on cleansed face. Leave on to take effect for 10 to 20 minutes. Then remove the mask, pat the rest of the concentrate into the skin and then apply the skincare cream.