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Dermapeutics SPF50 Non-Tinted Sunblock at MEROSKIN
Dermapeutics SPF50 Non-Tinted Sunblock at MEROSKIN
Dermapeutics SPF50 Non-Tinted Sunblock at MEROSKIN

Dermapeutics SPF50 Non-Tinted Sunblock

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SUNBLOCK   |  All Skin Type   |   30ml


Dermapeutics SPF50 Non-Tinted Sunblock, a lightweight perfect full-spectrum protection throughout the whole UVB and UVA range. This sunblock is non-sticky, Bnzonphenone free and skin friendly, allowing for comfortable skin wear. Internal pigments are encapsulated by titanium dioxide under patented technology.

The serum action infuses skin with nutrients from a cocktail of botanical extracts, boosts skin radiance with vitamin B3 and locks in moisture.

SPF 50+ (Sun Protection Factor)
PA ++++ (Protection Grade of UVA ray)


1. Apply lightly. Use a sufficient amount of Dermapeutics SPF50 Non-Tinted Sunblock for your face and neck.

2. Dot sunscreen directly onto your face. This technique helps it absorb more quickly and evenly.

3. Put moisturizer on first, then your sunblock. Best to get it right on your clean, dry skin. However, this is less important if you use a zinc oxide or titanium dioxide sunscreen.

4. Use sunblock daily. The majority of sun exposure is casual and incidental, meaning you get it walking to the train station or to get lunch or through your office window, say dermatologists.

5. Apply before you go into the sun. Chemical sunblocks need time to be absorbed into the skin to work. So they require a head start of about 20 minutes.

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Serene Q.
I recommend this product
Dermapeutics SPF50 Non-Tinted Sunblock

The sunblocks i used previously was very "sticky" and feels "heavy" on the face. This one from Dermapeutics is so light weight and it was so easy for my face powder to glide on. And i use this together with the brightening serum from this range and these 2 are besties.