Treatment Process

Hair Removal Treatment

STEP 1 - Finding out your needs 

Your first consultation will take about 30mins. It is to understand more about you and your skin conditions before we proceed to the treatment room. Subsequent consultations will take about 10mins.

* Should the area to be treated not properly shaved and requires further shaving despite that it was shaved 2 days ago, we will charged a nominal fee for our shaving service. Please shave before your appointment with us.

 STEP 2 - Determining the right set up for you

Setting up the IPL machine with the right settings based on the each customer’s hair and skin conditions to deliver best results.

 STEP 3 – Application of specially formulated gel

The treated area will be cleansed. A thin layer of IPL Cooling Gel will be applied to the area receiving the IPL treatment. Protective eyewear will be provided and to be worn throughout the treatment.

 STEP 4 - Treatment with light exposure

The lens (small glass panel) of the IPL machine treatment handle placed in contact with the skin, delivers very precise pulses of light to the area being treated. Each IPL treatment session usually take about 15 to 20 minutes depending on the surface area being treated.

 STEP 5 – Aftercare with moisturisers

An aftercare moisturizing treatment spray will be applied to the treated area.



*The estimated time for completion of the treatment is only approximate. It varies depending on the customer's hair type and volume.
*If an appointment is cancelled on your end, we may have to arrange your next visit to the salon at least 2-3 weeks later and treatment slot is subjected to availability.
*One year is the approximate expected time for completion of the hair removal course. It may take over 1 year depending on your hair type and volume.