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Relaxing Lavender Mint


The BABOR Effective Touch Body Treatments combine innovative massage techniques with ancient treatment methods. This experience is inspired by acupressure, reflexology and holistic modalities that activate the body’s own energy systems. For a new sense of self.

Our relaxing body treatments use BABOR SPA RELAXING LAVENDER MINT to soothe the skin for a calming feeling of total inner peace.

Stem cell extracts from the Champagne pear protect even the most sensitive skin whilst delicate lavender-mint essences wrap the body in a sense of true comfort and well-being. A soothing moment just for you.

Relaxing. Gentle. Calming.


Shower Oil & Bath: Calm the spirit and nourish the skin with this delicate cleanser ideal for bath and shower. Relaxation guaranteed.
Peeling Cream: Uncover smoother skin gently. This innovative creamy formula features exfoliating beads of blackcurrant.
Body Butter: Calm and relax with this nourishing allover body butter. A luxuriously rich formula for deep hydration.
Sleep Well Spray: Deliciously aromatic, this calming mist promotes deep relaxation with lavender and mint.
Massage Candle: This 2 in 1 candle and massage balm relaxes and restores with lavender and mint.


Relaxing Lavender Mint
Soothes the skin for a calming feeling of total inner peace. A soothing moment just for me. View product range.