In a world of increasing environmental stress and air pollution, our skin longs for a care system that protects it from environmental stresses so that it can rediscover its ideal balance and radiate pure beauty. BABOR has developed baborganic specifically for this purpose. baborganic stands for the purity and authenticity of the Alps, combined in a white face and body cream that is inspired by nature.

With 50 years of experience in the production of high-quality care products based on natural materials and science, BABOR has utilized natural active ingredients, organically sourced from the world of the Alps, for this skincare range. Pure glacier water from Mont Cervin in Switzerland revitalizes and intensively moisturises the skin. An extract from high-quality, Ecocert-accredited edelweiss inhibits the destruction of elastin fibres and protects against light-conditioned skin aging. Valuable, organically grown meadowfoam seed oil regenerates the skin's natural protective barriers and makes it appear firmer and more resistant. The active oxygen ingredient Oxygen Energy, which is sourced from white lentil, supports cellular respiration and cell regeneration. The natural, Ecocert-accredited fragrance is fresh and pure.

The active ingredients

Meadowfoam seed oil


Glacier Water


BABOR has been researching, testing and developing outstanding skincare solutions for nearly sixty years. BABOR uses only the purest and most natural ingredients, with all new formulations thoroughly and independently tested for skin tolerance. All baborganic products contain:

  • Natural Ecocert-certified perfume
  • Ecocert-certified edelweiss extract
  • Meadowfoam seed oil from controlled organic cultivation
  • Plant-based emulsifiers