BABOR SPA Body Treatments


In today’s fast-paced world, opportunities to relax and unwind are few and far between. We can all live happier by finding time to connect with our true inner self. At the same time, we want to do everything we can to keep our bodies fit and full of vitality, to tone our body contours and keep our skin looking youthfully smooth and firm.

To help you achieve this, we created BABOR SPA, a skincare range that achieves the desired results in terms of figure-forming and smooth, youthful-looking skin - and also satisfies the longing for intense pampering moments.

BABOR SPA creates a SPA experience that allows you to enjoy the unique luxury of rediscovering your inner self.


BABOR SPA treatments are tailored individually to your needs. Which treatment would you like to experience so you can indulge in the pleasure of having your very own, personal pampering time?

  • SHAPING FOR BODY – All about shaping Firming. Smoothing. Refines contours.
  • ENERGIZING LIME MANDARIN – All about energy Refreshing. Stimulates the senses. Vitalizes the body.
  • RELAXING LAVENDER MINT – All about relaxation Relaxing. Relieves stress. Soothing time out.
  • BALANCING CASHMERE WOOD – All about balancing Strengthening. Balancing. Harmonizing.

Our products from the skincare range BABOR SPA, available for you to recreate the experience at your own comfort.