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Why are Singaporean men going hairless?

We’ve all heard a woman mention something about undergoing hair removal procedures, be it the simple shaving, waxing or even Super Hair Removal treatments. Truth be told, going hairless in certain areas of the body can lead to hassle-free, carefree days.

Let’s face it. Other than getting rid of facial hair, men typically aren’t pegged as being too concerned with hair growing, well, everywhere! But times are changing, and Singaporean men are starting to look at hair removal differently - it’s become a regular grooming routine for the average Singaporean man.

I’m looking to go hairless but..where to start?

Man or woman, most people jump on Google to ask the same question - Which hair removal method works best?

Now, there’s a wide range of options for you to choose from. From at home remedies like shaving and waxing or salon treatments like IPL or Super Hair Removal. But what to choose? Let’s talk about the treatment our Mero Men tend to opt for, Super Hair Removal (SHR)!

Super Hair Removal? What’s that?

SHR is one of the latest hair removal technologies that has hit the market to date, topping the popular Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment. How is it better? Let’s place them side-by-side:

The bottomline is, SHR delivers faster, more accurate and powerful shots by using wavelengths tailored to your specific needs. This makes it easier for SHR to target specific regions on the body such as the upper lip and underarm. And here’s a major bonus: It’s totally painless! The gentle pulses of energy delivered during the treatment leaves less trauma on the skin.

The technology behind SHR also allows for no pain and hassle post treatment. Most hair removal methods come with risks like ingrown hairs from waxing or shaving, which can be really painful down the road. 

How can I be sure that SHR is for me?

Don’t believe us? Take it from your fellow Mero Man! Meet Siraj, a current customer at Meroskin who’s undergoing underarm SHR treatment.

To sum up Siraj’s experience, SHR has been:

✔ Fast

✔ Effective

✔ Cost-efficient

Try the treatment out for yourself! Get your first trial on SHR today or book an appointment with us and start your hair-free journey.