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How do I get rid of ingrown hairs for good?

If you’ve tried shaving or waxing at home, chances are you’ve experienced the nasty ingrown hair. That irritating an oh-so-painful red bump (or bumps) that appear on your skin after removing body hair. We know, we know, you HATE it. Who doesn’t? It’s itchy, it’s painful and it’s an eyesore!

According to WebMD, ingrown hairs are ones that grow back into your skin instead of rising up. More common in people with curly or coarse hair, these pesky bumps are typically caused by hair removal methods such as shaving or waxing. These methods remove hair, but leave the hair follicle in your skin, as the hair grows back it starts to reenter your skin instead of growing outwards. Ouch! 

Serious complications can also arise from ingrown hairs like permanent scarring, inflammation can occur causing an infection resulting in pus-filled bumps, pain, itching and darkening of skin. That’s A LOT from one tiny red bump.

Unfortunately, one of the full-proof ways to avoid ingrown hairs would be to just avoid hair removal altogether. Though it’s a fine choice for some, in reality, most of us still choose to remove our body hair. So, what can you do to reduce the chances of getting ingrown hairs? And still get your hair removed?


Avoiding ingrown hairs when shaving

If your main mode of hair removal is your trusty shaver, we’ve some tough news. The way a shaver cuts your hair can cause a sharp edge, giving that stubborn hair a chance to grow into your skin. And ta-da, an ingrown hair.

The NHS shared a list of Do’s and Don’ts when shaving to avoid ingrown hairs as much as possible. It’s all about being readily prepared, being gentle and diligent after care:

Source: NHS



I followed the tips but I’m still getting ingrown hairs

We hope you didn’t succumb to tweezing your hairs instead of shaving! That might cause more harm than good. If you’ve followed every step and tip to the perfect shave but you’re still suffering, it might be time to explore other hair removal options.

One of the top tips to preventing ingrown hairs COMPLETELY? Super Hair Removal (SHR).

Two reasons:

  1. SHR uses gentle pulses of energy at a high frequency to remove hair. This means that this hair removal technology allows the area under the skin to be heated gently with the rapid pulses. By targeting the area under the skin’s surface, your skin is left completely intact and untouched with no adverse side effects or pain. The hair is destroyed from underneath the skin and sheds out completely.
  2. SHR stops your hair from growing back for long periods of time or even permanently! With hair not growing, that means absolutely ZERO possibility of getting ingrown hairs. Goodbye pain!

Here’s the bottomline - ingrown hairs are beyond irritating and we wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. You could always try to remove the ingrown hairs on your own, which is totally possible with a needle and a pair of handy tweezers. An Insider article breaks down the steps to tweezing out your ingrown hairs at home (Spoiler: It includes using a small needle on your skin)

The unfortunate truth is that ingrown hairs tend to be inevitable with short term hair removal solutions. Super Hair Removal might just be your way out of those unsightly bumps.

Ready to try out this painless and effective hair removal method? Now’s your time to be rid of ingrown hairs for good! Book your SHR trial with us today - only choose to continue with subsequent treatments if you found it effective.