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Help! How do I avoid dark underarms?

Ahhhh! Freaking out because your underarms are dark? Yes, many of us have gone through the same plight - Dark underarms that we hide beneath sleeved tops and jackets. 

Many times, we might tend to forget the darkened tone of our underarms as they’re mostly tucked away. But once it’s time to bust out the tank top or swimsuits, that’s when you start to notice it and get nervous as they come on full display. And that’s not right, because EVERYONE should feel confident in their own skin.

So you might start to wonder, what caused your underarms to darken?

Healthline explains that dark underarms could stem from a range of causes:

  • It could be hereditary. Certain genes can run in families that cause dark patches of skin to form on parts of the body.
  • Skin tone can also contribute to this, as people with darker skin may be more prone to darkened underarms as the skin is better at producing pigment. This can result in hyperpigmentation around the body like the underarms.
  • Irritation and friction against the skin can also darken your underarms. Certain hair removal methods like shaving or waxing and even applying harsh deodorants are culprits to such irritation.

What do I do now?

If you do a quick Google search on how to get rid of dark underarms, chances are you’re going to find a list of home remedies and hacks that supposedly whiten your underarms. You’ll find crazy tips from creating your own armpit masks to miracle products and even… potato slices on your pits? That’s refreshing.

Now, it’s all good if you’re keen to explore these magical home remedies, but be wary as such DIYs could make things worse. Remedies like a homemade exfoliant for your underarms might just worsen the situation. Remember, irritation and friction against the skin is most likely what landed you here, so it’s best to avoid that when trying to find a solution.

The real remedy: Prevention

The best thing you can do moving forward to keep those underarms whitened and you feeling skin confident is - PREVENTION! As cheesy as it sounds, prevention is always better than cure. Here are some key ways to prevent dark underarms:

Consider other hair removal options

Since methods like shaving and waxing just aren’t doing the job, take the time to explore other methods such as Super Hair Removal (SHR). Treatments like SHR use gentle pulses of energy at a high frequency and rapidly target the hair bulbs beneath the skin to remove hair.

The process not only makes the hair less dark and coarse, but the quick process also leaves skin hairless and smooth for longer periods of time (or even permanently!). 

Such treatments eliminate the need to shave excessively which in turn prevents skin irritation. 


Time for a shaving re-assessment

If you insist on shaving as a means for hair removal, just make sure that your skin and hair are well moisturised and you don’t have dull shavers. You want to reduce friction and pulling of the hair as much as possible so:

  • Use shaving cream to keep the area smooth as you shave
  • Shave in the direction of hair growth to avoid pulling on the hair follicle
  • Shave in one clean swipe instead of repeating the movement


Deodorant check

Apart from the hair removal process, make sure that you take caution with what you’re applying to your underarms. Ingredients in products like deodorant can play a role in the changes in your skin’s pigment too. 

Look out for deodorants which are chock full of chemical ingredients like aluminium, fragrances and even baking soda. Instead, opt for a deodorant which boasts natural and active ingredients such as charcoal and glycerin. 


The bottomline is - be gentle with your underarm skin, as you would be with your face. Love your skin and so that you can live life feeling fully confident in the skin you are in!